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Tigers are among the most important and well-loved creatures in the planet. A collaboration between WCT, NDTV, Aircel, and Sanctuary Asia resulted in the Save Our Tigers campaign. The goal of this effort is to gain political, financial, and popular support in order to double the number of wild tigers in the next years.We can rescue wild tigers for future generations by working together to protect a natural symbol. We are seeking donations as part of our campaign, and your small contribution will go a long way in helping to save tigers. We accept cash, cheques, and even Bitcoin donations because they are the most flexible and involve no intermediaries. Bitcoins, a decentralized digital currency, became a successful currency in the previous decade, with its trade volume reaching new spikes. This spike is believed to be possible only with the emergence of crypto-robots like The News Spy. Check out the news spy app test results to see if this bot is a a reputable provider to make really big profits. The campaign has reached over 100 million people worldwide and generated INR 95 million in funding for tiger conservation.
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