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Aircel-NDTV Save Our Tigers Campaign on World Environment Day launches the signature campaign where we urge students and concerned citizens to come together to save our national animal.
In 2008, after Sariska tiger reserve lost all its tigers to poaching, NDTV launched a massive signature campaign to save the tiger. We collected a million signatures which we took to the prime minister asking him to take urgent measures to save the national animal. It led to the announcement of the Special Tiger Protection Force.

In 2010 we launched the Aircel-NDTV Save Our Tigers campaign. Which received a tremendous response from across the country.

Over 10 Lakh signatures were collected which were then taken to chief ministers of key tiger states asking them to take urgent measures to save the tiger from extinction.

And the years that followed we have seen the change, Tiger numbers have risen, several steps have been taken by states to protect the big cat.

But with tiger poaching still taking place and our environment and biodiversity under threat. It's time for us to come together once again for the tiger and the forests and rivers he represents.

With the help of experts in the field and our campaign partners Aircel, Sanctuary Asia and Wildlife Conservation Trust. We created a new tiger agenda which makes six key demands:

1) Involve local communities in conservation
2) Strengthen and modernize the forest department to step up protection
3) Improve man-animal conflict mitigation measures
4) Increase in Protection of buffer-zones and corridors
5) Zero tolerance approach to poaching
6) Make political parties accountable for loss of biodiversity

It's now time for YOU to join the fight and sign this year’s tiger agenda which we will then take to chief ministers across the country.

You can log on to NDTV.COM/TIGER to sign and support the tiger agenda or write into [email protected] to have signature sheets sent across to your school, college or workplace. The biggest sign of hope for the tiger is a sign from you