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Aircel has partnered with NDTV to amplify the cause of Save Our Tigers by raising awareness about the state of tigers in our country and gathering public support for tiger conservation. The campaign aims to provide a platform to tiger conservationists and concerned citizens to raise issues, voice their opinions and contribute to the cause. Amitabh Bachchan too has joined the initiative as the Campaign Ambassador and is also showing his support for the cause through his blog.

The year 2008 revealed the shocking number of just 1411 tigers in the wild left in India. The same year Aircel launched the much acclaimed ‘Save Our Tigers’ (SOT) initiative to create mass awareness on the plight of this magnificent animal. The tag line, ‘Just 1411 left’, struck a chord in the hearts and minds of millions of Indians. From just 1411 to over 1700 today, it has been quite a journey. Reaching the masses with their active participation in Saving Our Tigers has always been a goal of Aircel. It is only when the masses rally for a cause such as this that high impact becomes tangible and realised.

Our seriousness towards doing our bit to Save Our Tigers has led us to partner with NDTV for the third time. Carrying forward the mission to ‘Save Our Tigers’ - the largest and the most comprehensive media campaign on tiger conservation till date, Aircel and NDTV announced a Signature Drive 2014 on World Environment Day asking for public support for the Tiger Agenda. This agenda encapsulating immediate action points for the government was drafted in consultation with wildlife experts.

Launched in April 2014, the 3rd season successfully set this year’s tiger agenda during a panel discussion hosted by Vikram Chandra. The Signature Drive 2014 aims to gather 1 million signatures for the tiger agenda.

The Tiger Agenda 2014 makes 6 key demands - 1) Involve Local Communities in Conservation, 2) Strengthen and modernize the forest department to step up protection, 3) Improve Man-Animal Conflict Mitigation Measures, 4) Protection of buffer zones and corridors should be increased, 5) Zero tolerance approach to poaching and 6) To make political parties accountable for loss of bio-diversity.


The Launch of the Aircel-NDTV Save Our Tigers Campaign, Edition 3 was hosted by Vikram Chandra. The current edition hopes to focus on and highlight key factors like control of existing buffer zones and corridors by the forest department; local community involvement in conservation; further strengthening of the forest department; human-animal conflict management solutions; and continued push for political will.


'Kids for tigers' an initiative by Aircel and Sanctuary Asia organised a rally for the tiger at the Central Academy of State Forest Services in Coimbatore. Nearly 1000 children took to the streets to spread the message to save our national animal.

'Scent of a Game' - A New Book on Tiger Poaching

"Scent of a game", is a thriller written by a bureaucrat from Madhya Pradesh, Raghav Chandra. The book is based on tiger poaching and challenges faced by the forest department when it comes to guarding our forests. Mr. Chandra was inspired to write the thriller touching on themes of tiger conservation and the threat from poachers, after seeing the plight of the tiger in India since 2008. Top experts from the field of tiger conservation were present at the book launch in New Delhi.