The Bandipur-Nagarhole landscape is part of the crucial Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve hosting over 250 tigers, over 2000 elephants and many other rare species, besides being a source of perennial rivers:

  • The easy availability of water after construction of several dams in the landscape has altered the cropping pattern as farmers have moved from millet (traditional) to sugarcane and other water intensive crops. Encourage the farmers to move back to millet through subsidies or get into ecosystem farming to ensure minimal conflict with tigers and elephants and other wild animals.
  • Fill vacant forest staff posts immediately - more than 50 per cent posts are vacant at the moment.
  • Redirect all public roads that pass through tiger reserves.
  • Set up Special Tiger Protection Force
  • Establish eco-sensitive zones in the immediate vicinity of tiger reserves to reduce pressure from haphazard growth in hotels and other construction in vital wildlife corridors.
*1411 is average estimate of India's wild tigers, as per the monitoring exercise by Wildlife Institute of India in association with NTCA, Government of India in 2008. PrivecyPolicy | Terms&Condition