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Funds raised during Telethon 2010 used to deploy Rapid Response Units across the country
The 50 million rupees raised during Telethon 2010 have been utilised to provide Rapid Response Units (RRU's) to equip and train Forest Departments across reserves in India to respond to any tiger emergency in and around the reserves.

What is an RRU?
  • It will allow up to 17 forest personnel to reach the problem/conflict area in minimal time.
  • It will be able to deal with tranquilizing any wild mammal that has either strayed out of the forest or is injured.
  • It will allow up to six forest guards to camp in remote areas for between 3-5 days without any additional support.
  • It will be able to mitigate man-animal conflict by instilling confidence among villagers residing around protected areas as well as boosting the morale of the rescue team of the forest department.
  • The RRU will equip the department to control mobs at problem sites in a far more efficient manner.
  • There are enough personal-safety-device on the vehicle to protect the squad from injury through encounters with wild animals and people alike.
  • The members of the Rapid Response Team will be able to stay connected through walkie-talkies all through the mission even if they are outside the range of the forest wireless system.
  • The Rapid Response Units will strengthen the anti-poaching squads of tiger reserves.
  • It will act as an emergency vehicle, which the villagers can summon in case of any wildlife-related problems.
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