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  • All those caught on charges of hunting and poaching should be seriously punished. The laws should get stronger and a check should be kept on any possible export of tiger products. The surveying system should be improved and a safe atmosphere should be provided to them for their growth. Also, children must compulsorily be made aware of the dangers of this animal’s extinction and initiatives must be taken to encourage visits to tiger reserves and try to bring them close to these poor creatures who wish to stay alive. It is equally important that people living in the villages or close to a reserve should be made aware that tigers are important to conserve our ecosystem and so they must be protected. 
    • by Urvashi Pande - New Delhi
  • Army is largely trained in jungles and remain close to nature. Presently this force is the most reliable in India. The forest services must be made combative and made part of the armed forces to ensure the safety of wild life and tigers. 
    • by Dharam - Bhavnagar
  • There cannot be any better way to save our tigers from poachers than engaging the locals staying in the vicinity of these forest areas. Also, if the nexus between poachers and security guards-police-local leaders can be broken, it will go a long way in not only checking the reducing numbers of tigers but also increasing their population. 
    • by Ankush - Delhi
  • No human habitat or villages should be near any sanctuary or reserve. The government should relocate them and also keep a surprise check on the forest department, guards etc who move in and out of the forests and could be associated with poachers for financial benefits. The teams involved in conservation of this animal should be given better weapons to protect themselves.  
    • by Imran Khalid - -Mumbai
  • No human habitat or villages shuold be near any sanctury or reserve. The govt should relocate them and also keep a surprise check on the forest deparment guards etc who are actually moving in the forest and are liable to be in touch with poachers for financial benefits. They shold also be given better wepons to protect them selves from the poachers.  
    • by Mohd. Khan - Varanasi
  • I would suggest that the MOEF employs more guards. The guards also need proper equipment to protect the forest which would in turn be a deterrent to poachers. India’s national animal must be saved. People need to support local NGOs and the forest departments must focus on transparency and teamwork.  
    • by Phil Davis - Hereford
  • Too many tourists in jeeps are destroying the already fragile habitats of tigers - there should be some kind of control on the number of visitors allowed in a sanctuary at one time. The more confusion created with new roads and makeshift restaurants the more difficult it is to detect poachers. Tourism might have helped raised the income of some local inhabitants but it has not changed their morality.  
    • by Kajolik - New Delhi
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