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The Terai landscape in Uttarakhand stretching from Yamuna to Sharda river currently has about 200+ tigers with Corbett as the main source. This amounts to one-sixth of the current tiger population in India, but the state has the potential to hold a significantly larger number. Towards this end, at the very least, the following steps are required to be taken within a period of three years:

  • Consolidate greater Corbett landscape - with the Ramnagar and Terai forest divisions under the unified control of the Field Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve.
  • Notify and protect corridors along the Terai Arc i.e. Kosi river, Gola river corridor to facilitate animal movement and minimize conflict. The Terai Arc landscape from Yamuna to Sharda should be one conservation unit.
  • Remove the Sundarkhal encroachment bordering Corbett.
  • Ensure the relocation of Khandgaon village and the ammunition dump from Rajaji. Remove irrigation colony (Kalagarh).
  • Relocate Gujjars from the critical Corbett precincts.
  • Set up a special tiger protection force.